Megan Nemetz, MS, LPC 

(currently not accepting new clients)

Megan earned her bachelor’s degree at Central Michigan University in Child Development with minors in Family Studies and Leadership. She completed her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at UW-Stout the summer of 2020. Megan is employed full-time with the Menominee County Intermediate School District as a 31n provider for Blesch Middle School. She also provides part-time clinical outpatient counseling with our Nicklaus Counseling Center, S.C. team. 

Megan’s primary focus is to work with youth and their families, as well as younger adults. With past employment at a crisis agency and a psychiatric hospital, she has a huge heart for suicide prevention/intervention and is passionate about trauma-based treatment. 

Megan strives to make therapy enjoyable by focusing on autonomy by finding a technique that is effective for each individual client. She utilizes techniques from Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Expressive Therapies, as well as many others.  Having a trauma focused mindset, she is cognizant of both what types of traumas are present and also the impact it is having on her clients and their families.

As a born and raised Yooper from across the river in Menominee, MI, she is thrilled to be an advocate for mental health in the community!

Christine Nicklaus MS, MS-Ed, NCC, LPC (WI & MI) (currently not accepting new clients)

Owner of Nicklaus Counseling Center, S.C.  She is a national certified counselor (NCC)  and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan.  Christine earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from UW Oshkosh.  Christine also holds dual master's degrees: Master of Science in Education (MS-Ed) for School Counseling (K-12) and Master of Science (MS) in Professional Counseling both from Concordia University of Mequon, WI.  Christine has a diverse background of experience in education, crisis intervention/prevention, and public speaking which she brings into the clinical setting. She utilizes an eclectic array of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapies, Reality Therapies, among others.

Christine is a Vice-Chair of the Youth Workgroup and member of the Executive Committee of Communities That Care of Marinette and Menominee Counties, Advisory Council Member of the LGBT Center, N.E.W. HOPE Coalition Member, Prevention Task Force Group Member (N.E.W. HOPE Coalition),  and Human Services Advisory Board Member (NWTC).

Christine and her family are Marinette, WI natives, which strengthens her commitment to help the hurting in the community she has always called "home".  Being active on various mental health providers' networks and advisory councils fosters her belief in the importance of supporting and giving back to the the community.  Christine is also the founder and president of HOPE Seminars that provides education, advocacy, and awareness about the issues of mental health and addiction throughout the midwest.

Christine believes passionately in each individual's ability to achieve their own potential throughout the therapeutic process! She will believe in you until you are able to believe in yourself

Brandie Lee Gaudet, MA

(currently not accepting new clients)

Brandie Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling: Marriage and Family, a Masters's degree in Human Services Counseling: Marriage and Family, and will be completing her doctorate in Community Care and Counseling: Marriage and Family in the fall of 2023 from Liberty University. Brandie Lee is employed full-time as a Christian counselor at Magnolia Counseling at New Life Church in Peshtigo, WI. She is a board-certified Christian counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors. Her primary focus will be to work with couples, women, and children. 

Before moving to Wisconsin 2 years ago from the great state of Rhode Island, Brandie Lee worked in Early Childhood Education for 15 years as a teacher and principal. She strives to provide a holding space to honor the client’s most honest exploration of self in order to foster their personal growth and overall wellness. Brandie Lee resolves to strengthen a positive self-image and to promote self-actualization for all clients and further resolves to empower clients to be emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well by providing compassionate counseling and motivational coaching. Brandie Lee’s goal is to strive to provide services that integrate and reinforce all aspects of her mission to bring healing, hope, and wellness to our community and its members.

About Nicklaus Counseling Center, S.C. (NCC)

Nicklaus Counseling Center, S.C. is a family owned business offering psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families for the Marinette/Menominee and surrounding communities. Our experienced NCC team is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for healing, growth, and recovery for individuals and families. We understand and respect our clients' individuality and unique culture, family, values, beliefs, and personal identity. Through our work, we aim to assist clients in breaking old patterns and overcoming challenges, allowing them to further their personal growth and explore future goals. We meet our clients where they are at and empower them to move forward at the speed and path with which they feel most comfortable. We will not walk before you, nor behind you; but will walk along side you as you begin a new journey toward greater healing, growth, and recovery.

To begin your journey today, please text: (715) 732-6868. Your courageous first step is only one phone call away.

Come As You Are & Leave A Better You!

Ivy Sutek, BS, CSAC, CADC

Ivy is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor who earned her bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Green Bay, and a Substance Abuse Counselor certificate in the University of Wisconsin System. She has been practicing in the community since 2019 and is licensed in both Wisconsin and Michigan.

As an enthusiastic recovery advocate and ally, her approach to counseling is client-centered and genuine. Ivy strives to provide counseling that not only addresses substance use, but healing and growth of each individual. Counseling can be a valuable tool for individuals who are struggling with addiction. Each of Ivy’s clients’ experiences are unique and she is known to be a good listener with a non-judgmental approach. Her goal is to assist and support clients in improving their quality of life and navigating challenges.  

Ivy has lived and worked in the local community her entire life, and is passionate about expanding services that are accessible to all. Local resources and connection with the community are one of her specialties, and she feels that physical, mental, and spiritual wellness are all important components to whole-life recovery. With many friends and family in recovery from addiction, she believes that recovery is possible. 

Take the next step and contact Nicklaus Counseling Center to connect with Ivy to discuss what you need for your recovery journey.


Jeff Gross Ph.D, SAC-IT

Jeff Gross is an Army veteran and a dedicated substance abuse counselor. Jeff holds a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and a Substance Abuse technical diploma from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Currently, he is pursuing a PsyD at the Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology, where his dissertation focuses on developing a groundbreaking substance abuse treatment modality, blending neuroscience with evidence-based practices. This project is not just an academic pursuit for him, but a passion driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those struggling with substance abuse.

As a counselor, his philosophy is rooted in the belief that individuals are the true experts of their own lives. His role is not to provide answers, but to guide and facilitate a journey of self-discovery by asking the right questions. He is deeply committed to meeting individuals where they are, understanding their unique experiences, and helping them find meaning in the midst of their struggles.

Drawing from his military background, he brings a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges faced by those who have served our country. This personal journey has instilled in him a profound sense of empathy, resilience, and dedication to supporting individuals through their recovery process.

Jeff's approach to counseling is anchored in existentialist and pragmatic principles. He believes in the power of authentic connection and curiosity. Every interaction is a learning opportunity for him, enabling him to understand others and himself better. Jeff's passion for this work ignites from a genuine sense of humility and a fervent desire to help others navigate their journey to recovery. Jeff approaches every counseling session with an open heart and an eager mind, ready to learn, grow, and be a part of your healing journey.